Pacific Stones 805 Glue is a fantastic strain that will make you forget all your obligations and get lost in a mountain of snacks, your favorite shows, and all types of fun! As the saying goes, “We keep it live in the 805!” Pacific Stone makes their own version of 805 Glue, yet another strain that exceeds expectations every single time. 805 Glue is a must have in your rotation. 805 Glue is famous across Southern California for a very good reason.


 Pacific Stone’s 805 Glue strain is a hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) that won first place at the 2014 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup. I’m a big fan of Pacific Stone’s strains and was excited to try 805 Glue. It comes with a mellow, calming high that doesn’t make you feel too weak or sedated. You can smoke it during the day without feeling sluggish. Pacific Stone makes high-quality cannabis and their 805 Glue strain is no exception!


Keep your grinder handy for this 805 Glue strain. It’s a hybrid that has a semi-dense structure and is both fluffy and saturated with glistening trichomes. Earthy aromas and notes of sour complexity add depth to the smoke. If you don’t have a grinder, consider it. You’ll get the most out of your money when grinding everything down to an even consistency because it helps you see if you’re using much more than you need for your desired effect.


The effects of the 805 Glue strain will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric, and will offer you a boost in mood and creativity. If you’re generally anxious, this strain is a great way to calm the mind and body. Over time my body got used to the effects of 805 Glue and I could use it any time of day without any major interfere in my regularly scheduled events. 805 Glue is a great everyday type of strain. Pacific Stone sites this strain as one that makes the consumer relaxed, happy, balanced, provides pain relief, and increases hunger._____________________________________________________________________


I’m a big advocate of Pacific Stone’s 805 Glue. This strain filled every box for me when it comes to choosing a marijuana strain for personal use and specific effects like assistance with sleep or a boost in appetite. Pacific Stone does a great job of providing a small selection of strains and making each of them shine. Pacific Stone knows how to highlight a strain’s best aromatic and visual qualities while assuring that their purported effects actually live up to the hype. If you haven’t already, you should check out Pacific Stone’s 805 Glue as well as the other awesome strains they have to offer!

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